Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts


The Bubble Butt You've Been Waiting For!

Introducing the Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts. These shorts were designed after our popular Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings. Handcrafted and improved from the well-known Scrunch Leggings, we began to use Moisture-Wicking Stretch Fabric© to really show off your curves, giving you that natural looking bubble butt!

Get a Rounder & Fuller Butt  

Make your bum appear bigger by wearing a pair of our Bubble Butt Scrunch Shorts. Its scrunched up lines and unique V stitching are not only for show. They have one purpose - to give your behind a plumper appearance. How about the front? You’ll get a high waistband with the right compression to support your stomach area.

Do Squats Without Worrying 

There might be scrunching in between the cheeks but it doesn't mean you won't get full coverage during your weighted squats. Its thick fabric is made for squatting and everyday activities. The scrunched up lines also have strong stitching so it doesn't easily rip apart when stretched. (The leggings demonstrate the squat proof material which is also used in the shorts).

The Shorts Your Booty Deserves

Don't let another pair of shorts hide your curves again! With our bubble butt scrunch shorts, we specifically designed these leggings to support and enhance the shape of your booty.