Feels Good Half Mesh Leggings

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Feels Like Shorts but Less Exposure of Your Lower Legs

Feels Good Half Mesh Leggings
Leggings But Feels like Shorts

It is leggings or shorts? It's the best of both worlds! The Feels Good Half Mesh Leggings is for everyone who wants full-length coverage with the feeling of your favorite shorts. So, how did we come up with this innovative gym wear? We combined breathable polyester and mesh together! You get the figure-hugging polyester material from the waistband right to your thighs. Then, we made the bottom half with mesh. The mesh has several tiny holes for breathability, comfort, and the shorts feel.

Feels Good Half Mesh Leggings

Squatting is Not an Issue 

The Feel Good Half Mesh Leggings may have a unique design but it doesn't compromise on quality. Squatting and other leg movements will not make this pair see-through. It is thick enough so that it is not see-through from stretching.

Product Features

  • The bottom half is made with mesh
  • High waist
  • Breathable
  • Fabric: Breathable Polyester
  • Available in 2 Colors (gray variant has 3 smaller black stripes dividing the mesh)
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