Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings

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The bubble butt you've been waiting for!

Introducing the Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings. Handcrafted and improved from the well-known Scrunch Leggings, we began to use Moisture-Wicking Stretch Fabric© to really show off your curves, giving you that natural looking bubble butt!

Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings


These high waisted leggings serve as an instant tummy tuck and waist cincher. High waist band designed to prevent slippage and sagging—helping to lift your butt and put it into place, giving it that perfect shape. 

Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings


Squat proof, non-transparent material for low to high impact activity. With the stretch fabric, the scrunch seams will reform its shape around your booty, even after your squat sessions. 

Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings


Don't let another pair of leggings hide your curves again! With our bubble butt scrunch leggings, we specifically designed these leggings to support and enhance the shape of your booty.

Bubble Butt Scrunch Leggings


Heavyweight, breathable and form-fitted. 4 way stretch gives you complete freedom.

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What are butt scrunch leggings?

Look no further as the magic is right in its name! These are full length workout pants with a high waist and a scrunching at the butt - giving you support for any exercise, while the scrunching feature holds your butt together for a perfect round shape. First off, these are high waisted leggings to help you appear tall and fit. It features a unique tightening at the waist to highlight your curves for an hourglass shape. These pants are also made of a stretchy fabric so it doubles as compression leggings - you can get that pressure in your lower body while still able to move and breathe freely during any workout. You are not even limited to any physical activity in these pants because they are form-fitting. They will move with you as you flow through a yoga session, or go hard during an outdoor run, or push your limits while lifting weights. The high waist band is designed to prevent slippage and sagging - so while it holds you together during a workout, it actually lifts your butt and puts it into place for a perfect round shape. For a low price in the market of athletic wear, you will definitely get a good value for money with these scrunch butt leggings. They actually come in four colors namely gray, black, purple, and green, with sizes ranging from small to extra large. We guarantee that you will find the perfect fit while you rock these flattering butt leggings. The affordable price makes it even better because you can get more than one pair - maybe even get it in every color!

What materials are your products made of?

This fabric uses the newest technology, featuring a stretchy and non-transparent material. We made sure that these leggings are high quality - form-fitted and breathable in every way. It will stretch over your natural shape from the waist down and hug your lower body in the right places to accentuate your curves, most especially the booty area. These leggings give an effortless support for your butt so you can achieve an instant booty lift - giving you the natural looking bubble butt you have been dreaming for! Nowadays, some athletic wear are made of low-quality material. A cheap fabric will rip and break while you are squatting or sag when you are jumping. We don't want any of that for you here - so these unique leggings are guaranteed to provide support with the most comfortable and durable fabric we could search for. It will stay in place with a guaranteed scrunch so you will look super fit while you are wearing these pants.

How are these Butt Scrunch Leggings different from the others at Lift Legging?

What makes this the best leggings for women is the high scrunching feature. This is actually a very new product that has been handcrafted and improved from Lift Legging's popular Scrunch Leggings. Now they have used a moisture-wicking fabric so you can be sweat-free during a workout, because nobody wants that sweaty and sticky feeling. We want you to focus on your workout instead of worrying about your sweat drenching your leggings! You definitely deserve a good pair of pants or leggings that will keep you dry and comfortable while looking sexy. This is the first leggings scrunch feature that will highlight every woman's curves regardless of size and shape. The high quality squat proof material allows for a super comfortable wear during any low to high impact workout. You do not have to worry if the scrunch will go out of place because the seams naturally reform its shape around your butt, no matter what physical activity you wish to do. The high waist will also hold in place while providing you enough space to breathe and relax. We have to make room for deep breaths during workouts to, so these leggings are not too tight on any body part - simply ideal for that super comfortable fit.

Can I use your scrunch butt leggings for day to day wear or working out?

These leggings with scrunch butt are perfect for working out. We had to make sure that the fabric and design will work for you despite any physical activity. Your search ends here! We guarantee that these scrunch butt leggings are appropriate for whatever exercise you want to do. However, you can even wear these scrunch butt leggings for a casual look during a simple brunch, going shopping, or even just running some errands. It will make your curves stand out while uplifting your booty shape at the same time, so you can look stylish and sexy without even trying. You can choose any color that will tie your casual outfit together. We know that scrunch butt leggings are usually worn to the gym, but these pants are so versatile and comfortable that it serves more than one purpose. You can make activewear look cool and trendy, and for a reasonable price at that. Just be sure to style our scrunch butt leggings with the perfect top to match the color - we suggest a crop top to make your curves stand out. You do not need to put in a lot of effort to look your best! The high waist scrunch butt look will do everything for you.


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